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Mariana P. Boneva, Ph.D.
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Mariana P. Boneva, Ph.D.

Research interests:

Detergency: Contact Angles and Wetting
Particles at Fluid Interfaces: Electro-Dipping Forces

Curriculum Vitae:

In 1996 she graduated the French Language High School, in Sliven, Bulgaria. In 2002 she got the degree M.Sc. in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, Bulgaria, Major: “Substances of high and ultra high purity”. Since April 2001, she has been research associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering (DCE), Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, Bulgaria. Since February 2004 she has been PhD student. Her scientific interests are in the field of particles at fluid interfaces, incl. electrodipping force and electric-field induced capillary attraction; equilibrium of micelles and crystallites in carboxylate soap solutions, thin liquid films; drops and bubbles at interfaces, static and dynamic light scattering; electric conductivity, electrophoretic mobility and zeta-potential. So far, she has published 3 research articles, cited 36 times in the scientific literature.